Growing up on the narrow peninsula of Florida, I was steeped in cultural mix and match, human and animal migration patterns --and what is left behind.  It has long been the land of racing toward, or away from something, a land of the lost and found.  One side short of being an island, It is both paradise and harsh--sometimes violent--environment.  It is a rich Petri dish I have long observed, documented and in some way work out of.
In paintings and mixed media works, I construct invented spaces inhabited by iconic and culturally familiar elements that are spun into new contexts and discovered narratives.  Photographing common cultural icons, iconic events and places fuels the imagery--yard statuary, architectural kitsch, parking lot carnivals, religious iconography.  I am intrigued by their endless replication, their constant variation, the contexts in which I find them and their cross-cultural migration.
I travel around collecting sources and inspiration for my work that is informed by my interest in poetry, documentary forms and new media processes.  These sources become a palette of fragments.  I discover in them an abrupt juxtaposition of quite different elements that generates a starting point.  The painting begins here in an open process in which the actual world, space and other elements are imagined and evolved. Small works reverse the process. These spaces and images are preconceived, like constructing a stage set. I think of them as small narrative moments, built with specificity, but akin to the musings of mind and memory.
The unpopulated, inactive carnival, the stage set quality of a roadside archery range, amusement attractions —both retro and futuristic— harkens to an imagined future of another time.  It is the experience of this quality, the sense of memory, fantasy, illusion -- and the perception of internal experience-- that I hope to make tangible.